Paul lives for fitness, being strong enough for your discipline can mean the difference between success and failure. Paul’s attitude and professionalism have seen him succeed in many different sports and also help and guide other athletes to achieve great things, by following his training programmes, specifically tailored to them and their sport.

A fanatical climber, alpinist, mountaineer, skier, road and mountain biker, Paul is also a keen golfer and tennis player. His experience in multiple sports over the last 15 years have helped Paul to understand what sportsmen and women need in their training and what works best in different activities.

Paul has had a very successful career as a coach, training a wide spectrum of clients and athletes. Paul has travelled the world with celebrities, trained elite european golfers, rugby players, premier league footballers, GB climbers, ice hockey players and mountaineers for accents of the worlds biggest peaks. He’s also trained amateur sports people for triathlons, marathons and other life challenges.

Paul believes, “NO matter what we do, the STRONGER we are, the better we do it. Therefore, strength conditioning is essential in any athletes training plan to optimise performance and excel in their sport.”


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