On Sunday, Simon (a client of mine) and I headed to the Isle of Wight for the Wiggle, Wight Winter Sportive 2014.



Simon and I at the ferry terminal, just prior to the start.


This would be my first sportive of many, preparing me for next years goals. I was excited to see what riding in an event like this would be like and also riding in a slightly competitive environment.

It was a beautiful crossing over to the Isle of Wight, watching the sun come up and the mist slowly clear, the forecast was good for the day ahead and the atmosphere with all the riders was great.



Sunrise from the ferry


Simon and I checked in and made our way to the start line. Started off steady, slowly getting into the race. We were moving along nicely and increasing the pace and then on the first nice long down hill section, whilst watching the speedo creep up, 34,35,36….. I got a blow out on my front tyre! I pulled over and changed the inner tubes, I was quite happy with my tyre change, it didn’t waste too much time and we were back on the move.

Moving along well and riding at a good pace, eating up the miles and really enjoying the views of the cliffs and the rolling countryside inland, it was then around the 40 mile point a spoke on the rear wheel of Simon’s bike snapped and buckled. The wheel would not roll and we had to call the support vehicle to come and pick him up. First thoughts were, Simon’s race was over. But we called through and the Wiggle support crew came and picked Simon up, took him to the mechanic at the 40 mile mark and waited whilst they found him a spare wheel to replace his and then got him back on the road. What a service.



Simon awaiting the Wiggle support car


I rode up to the 40 mile point and waited with Simon, the wheel was taking its time to arrive. Simon encouraged me to push on and complete the last 20 miles, so off I went. I pushed hard for the last third of the race and crossed the finish line.



Total Time 5hrs 2min (inc puncture & sorting Simons wheel) Moving time 3hrs 45min (recorded on my Garmin)


Back to training and looking forward to my next sportive, although I’m tempted to get involved in some Enduro races to tied me over till spring, the competitive streak in me has been awakened.

Big thank you to Wiggle for putting on a great sportive and to Simon for being a great riding companion.



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