When I get my mind set on a goal, I’m fully committed, ambitious and dedicated to achieve the task I’ve set myself. I like to stretch the possibilities and what I think is achievable.

The use of the web and all the free information available to us in this modern age blows my mind. But how much of it can actually help me perform to my optimum? And how much of it is going to confuse and over complicate my progression.

I like to use google for research, but there is a lot of rubbish out there and that’s why, when it comes to goals and achieving great things, I always turn to an expert or professional (if I’m lucky enough to know one, or be recommended one, then that’s always a bonus), nothing really substitute’s talking to a person who’s truly in the know and who you can trust. I think investing in professional advice is money well spent. If you are in search of pushing your limits, a sport specific coach is the only way forward. Look at any elite sports person and you’ll notice they have all the experts they require in their camp to help them excel in their chosen discipline. Yes, the elite have full-time teams dedicated to them, but what’s stopping you having a scaled down network of professionals to help you achieve your goals?

The web and social media is extremely useful to open us up to hundreds, if not thousands of sports specific coaches, all at your fingertips. My advice is to not rush things, get recommendations and meet your coach before you commit. You need to connect and they need to know what makes you tick. You’re putting a lot of trust and faith into your coach and your investing financially, so it needs to be a good relationship. Meeting your coach will motivate you and inspire you and these are all ingredients for success.

I have turned to experts a lot with numerous challenges and goals I have set myself in the past, always finding the investment worth its weight in gold.

The specific training periodised to achieve my goal meant;

  • I did not over train
  • I did not get injured
  • My motivation was always high

Also ongoing communication with my coach meant I stayed focused on the goal.

Come January, I will be in search of a cycling specific coach, that will help me become more efficient on my bike and make my journeys into the Alps next year that little more enjoyable, knowing I’m fully prepared physically for the days ahead. If sponsors commit, I will be competing in the Haute Route, where I will need to be prepared and confident in my preparations to race seven consecutive days, taking on some of Europe’s toughest mountain passes.

At the beginning of this year, I turned to Climbing Coach Robin O’leary. Since working with Robin, my climbing grade took a huge jump forward and I achieved my climbing goal in half the time I set for myself. I found Robin’s approach and programming spot on for me and the enthusiasm and psyche we shared was motivating and inspiring. The bench mark has been moved again and I look to climb harder in 2015.


Robin and I talking through the moves

I recently spent two weeks with a Swiss Guide, Michael Kimmig in the Alps. I was looking to refine my climbing skills, to make me more efficient in the mountains, aid me with knowledge to climb safer and make me more aware of the dangers around me. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Michael by a friend and the time spent under his instruction will be invaluable to me when embarking on some of 2015’s  mountain projects.


Michael Kimmig moving along the ridge on the Brithorn Traverse, 2014

So, the message I would like to get across to you is: Don’t be afraid to contact experts to help you achieve your goals and to talk openly to them about your strengths and weaknesses, they need to know both in order to help you move forward. In my experience professionals enjoy working with ambitious and committed sports people (I know I do) and will generally go over and beyond their commitments to you to help you achieve your goals. If they see results it will only inspire you both to achieve more.




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