Winter is upon us and the nights are closing in, it’s dark by 4/5pm and it seems there is never enough daylight to get out on the road. If you’re anything like me and have goals on two wheels in 2015, we need to use winter and not let it pass without getting some training in, time to build some solid foundations for 2015 and focus on POWER and STRENGTH.

Being a Strength Conditioning Coach, I’m always lifting weights and always achieve 3 strength conditioning sessions a week; I can’t stress enough the importance of these sessions for anyone participating in sport, or who are after a better lifestyle. “The stronger the athlete, the better the athlete.” This is something I swear by and stick to, no matter who I’m working with. Examples of session will be shared soon.

I can’t afford to not ride through the winter, so I’ve invested in a Turbo Trainer, the Elite Qubo Digital. I chose this model after a friend recommended it to me and after reading several reviews that claimed it was outstanding.

I’m fairly new to road cycling, but ambitious with my goals and have singed up for the Maratona Dolomites, in 2015. It’s time to put in the hours and train for 4230m of elevation, on a 138km route.

After doing some research and putting my own thoughts on the table I have come up with a plan to battle through winter and come spring, have POWER and STRENGTH in my legs, which will give me a solid base to build my endurance from.You’re probably thinking hat sounds the wrong way round and you should build endurance first. But my theory is that if I can become a rider, who over winter can make strength gains in the gym and achieve maximum watt output gains on my bike, then building endurance on the road come spring, will be a lot easier, as on a long steady ride I will only be working a small percentage of my maximum that I have been developing. My theory comes from thinking about Cavandish and Wiggins, who have both come from explosive beginnings on track and hold their own on the tour.

So, three sessions a week on the Turbo Trainer, working intervals and working at max watt output, strength conditioning sessions focusing on leg strength and power is what’s planned for me. If the weather is good I will venture out on the road as there is no real substitute for riding the real thing, and I will be hitting the trails on my mountain bike to keep my bike skills alive and just pray for an early spring. You can get some quality results on a Turbo Trainer if your willing to put up with the sweat and get your head down and work… think of it as character building.

I also discovered Suffer Feast, check them out. They offer awesome videos on how to train indoors, which might get you working that little bit harder and make that time working your arse off go that little bit faster…

Enjoy and do yourself a favour this winter, do some serious POWER training.






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