REVIEW – Training for the NEW ALPINISM

I have just finished reading ‘Training For The New Alpinism’, by Steve House and Scott Johnson.

This is a book that should sit in every adventurers, alpinists’ and climbers bookcase.

It will give you an insight into all the aspects that will be invaluable to your successes in the mountains. It will change and influence the way you prepare for your next trip and help with mental and physical preparations.

This documents the fundamentals behind performance, the raw stuff that will see you get the results and performance in the mountains.

As a Strength & Performance Coach, I have bought quite a few books of this genre. I’ve read one or two pages and then thrown them to the side as they haven’t delivered. They’ve been written by just another dude trying to make a few quid selling a new concept. This book is not that; It’s been put together by two experienced individuals that have learned by trial and error and they share their experiences and knowledge with the reader in a very readable and inspiring way.

I found this book extremely insightful, educational and I guarantee you will get something out of spending time reading it. The images are fantastic and the way they’re placed along with great writing, keep you reading and imagining how training smart can have you climbing in these amazing places.

I highly recommend this book. Read it and start training smarter and moving faster, be more efficient with your output to enhance your future adventures in the mountains.

You can buy this book on Amazon for under just £20.00. Bargain!




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